Mums Seksīgu Filmu 1/6 Mēroga jumta Ļauno Zombiju Walking Dead Tirāns NEMESIS 15inch Rīcības Attēls Modelis H12


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Tagi: rīcības attēls 14 16, ko karstā rotaļlietas, attīstība sienas, joker to, šausmu neca, super action anime zīmējums, gudrs saulessargu, 16 karavīrs, sao sinon, godzilla neca.

  • Tālvadības Pults: No
  • Versija Tips: Pirmais Izdevums
  • stāvoklis: Jo-Noliktavas Preces
  • Izmēri: 15inch
  • Oriģinālā Iepakojumā: Jā
  • Vienuma Tips: Modelis
  • Preču Atribūts: Temats
  • Ar Animācijas Avots: Rietumu Animiation
  • Lelles Tips: Modelis
  • Mfg Sērijas Numurs: Modelis
  • Mēroga: 1/6
  • Pabeigtības Pakāpi: Gatavās Preces
  • Dzimums: Unisex
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Vecums: > 6 gadiem
  • Karavīrs Piederumi: Karavīrs Gala Produkta
  • Materiāls: PVC
  • Tēma: Filmu un TV
Hi. I don't understand what happened. You put a lot of money on the seller for a reinforced packaging. But it only came with a simple bag without any protection. I'm a collector of figures and for me it's as important the box as the figure, Very sorry.
Amazing Figure scale 1/6 Nemesis. But actually, it's a kind of plush or articulable doll. It has rigid parts like the head that does not articulate, shoulders and arms. Others are soft parts like the rest of the body, which is stuffed like a stuffed animal. The arms and legs have an articulation system, of wire, which allows them to rotate and articulate arms, hands and legs. Quality and finish is not bad, but the painting could be better. From a distance it looks and it's impressive, it's not so careful up close. Still a great figure. But it doesn't have the level of detail that a figure of neca, which are not half-stuffed, but are completely solid, and they have more finishing detail than this Nemesis, which is still, equally great. Recommended to those who like huge figures, as the paste is their size. Since its 1/6 scale makes it huge. It is 3 times the size of a neca figure of 18 ctms. The figure is original.
Real Wankster
Beautiful the figure, my husband bought it with the gift object and I was delighted, very cute details, perfect figure, the only bad thing is that the broken bazooka came but it stuck and it looked good, The seller cared to pack it so well that it did not hurt the box or the figure and arrived fast, all right, thank you very much seller I recommend
Gala One
Thanks I'll buy one a month I love it
Absolutely amazing. I love him so much Thank you
Esi pirmais, kurš uzraksta atsauksmi!

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